About Me

Hi, I’m Mandy, diagnosed May 24, 2012 with Stage 2B Cervical Cancer. This blog started out as a way to keep loved ones abreast of our myriad trips to the doctors, but lately has taken on a life of its own!

Feel free to poke around (get it?!)… hot topics usually include my treatment updates; my husband, JLP; random thoughts about our “new normal”; as well as a tallying of the neverending rectal exams NOBODY warns you about upon diagnosis and my ever-growing list of euphemisms for my vagina.

Also, I try to keep it light. I think that’s why I’m kicking this cancer so hard in its face (no joke, ask my doctors). You can use the “Ask Me Anything” feature on the sidebar to drop me a line, or you can always email me at johnston.mandy@gmail.com.

Also, if you’re a woman and haven’t had a pap smear this year, DO IT.